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About Us

Cann House is owned by the Briscoe family who live locally and are actively involved with the day to day running of the home and are always happy to meet with residents and their families.


Cann House is fortunate to have the original Chapel within the building. The Chapel can also be used as a quiet area for reflection.

Remembrance Garden

Remembrance Garden

We have recently restored one of the original ponds, and have made this into a gardening area. This area has two purposes. It is an area where the residents can undertake some gardening of their choosing, and also a dedicated area that is used as a Remembrance Garden. This is for both the use of Families, friends and people within the home that would like to plant something at this garden to remember their loved one who had been at Cann. The garden has benches around it and the path is levelled for ease of access of wheelchairs.